Corrugated Roofing Sheets

Gaining Popularity In Residential Use

Corrugated roofing sheets are commonly seen on many different types of buildings. In the past, they have been used almost exclusively on the largest industrial, commercial and agricultural properties. As their popularity has increased, corrugated roof sheets are used much more frequently on many smaller buildings, sometimes even on residential properties. The corrugations are what make individual sheets surprisingly strong. They are created using a process known as roll-forming. When this procedure is complete, the bending strength of a corrugated roof sheet is much greater than it would be if the sheet remained flat. The increase in bending strength occurs in the direction of the corrugations, not across them.

Plastic or Metal

Corrugated roof sheeting is produced from either plastic or metal. Both of these materials can offer strength, durability and a long lifetime. This makes them sensible and economical choices in many situations. A metal corrugated roofing sheet will most likely be made from aluminum or steel, although other metals such as copper can be used. Aluminum has the benefit of being naturally corrosion resistant, steel, on the other hand, will need to be galvanized in order to resist the rusting effects of moisture. Corrugated steel roofing sheets are stronger than aluminum ones. They are less susceptible to denting and so will be advantageous in areas that are subjected to frequent and violent storms. Metal sheets are very often seen on the largest industrial and agricultural buildings. They have impressive strength to weight ratio and will require only minimal maintenance or repair, even over extended periods of time. Plastic sheets are more commonly seen on smaller buildings.


There are various different corrugations that can be applied to roofing sheets that will serve different purposes. Plastic sheets usually have corrugations that are curved, giving the roof a wavy appearance. Many metal sheets are also designed in this way. Parts of each sheet will overlap the ones next to them, with the corrugations fitting into each other neatly. Another commonly seen pattern in corrugated sheet metal roofing is the squared shape. This can be particularly useful in roof decking installations as the shape provides great support for the deck. The best roofing sheet choice for your individual property will really depend on its size, location, and usage. Corrugated metal roofing sheets are a great choice for many buildings with their exceptional strength and low maintenance costs. Plastic sheets are also useful in many situations, they are extremely lightweight and can be purchased at very low prices. Your Texas roofing contractor will be able to provide advice which will help you to choose the best option for your individual property, and your budget.…