The Aftermath of a Fire In Your Home

Fire, Water, and Smoke Cleanup

There are not things more traumatizing than seeing your property on fire. In the aftermath of a fire, taking out damaged items and restoring your belongings can be difficult, especially with all the stain, soot, and smoke covering your property and all the water damage caused extinguishing the fire. Emergency response by fire and water damage experts can be a great help in restoring your home and getting your life back on track.

Fire Prevention Is First

Of course, the best advice emphasizes the prevention of a fire in the first place. Every home should have fire alarms in every room and strategically placed fire extinguishers in the house. However, once there’s been a fire, the course of action is to get the clean up underway as soon as possible. The sooner you call in the professional fire and water damage restoration contractors, the sooner the mitigation process can start.  Many times they can salvage most of your household contents and restore them to their pre-loss condition. These professionals can also eliminate soot stains and smoke odor using advanced cleaning systems. Professional help is your best hope for a high-quality fire and smoke cleanup for your property.

Soot Removal

Restoring a home after a fire is exhausting. Walls are stained black, smoke covers the entire house, and there is an endless mess of debris. However, among the damages fire can leave, the hardest one to deal with is soot. Soot easily stains fabrics and carpets, and cannot be removed with a vacuum cleaner. If not immediately addressed, soot residue can ingrain itself into furniture, making it virtually impossible to remove. It takes years of experience and training to be able to accurately evaluate the damage caused by a house fire.  You need people who are specialists and knowledgeable in dealing with soot damage.  They need to understand how to use state-of-the-art cleaning and restoration methods for properties affected by soot and smoke.

Cleaning & Restoration

You want to find a full-service cleaning and fire and water damage restoration company. You need experts that specialize in hard-flooring and carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, mold remediation, natural stone restoration and flood and fire damage for residential or commercial businesses.

Finishing The Job

In addition to the cleaning up fire damage, the goal should be to provide a healthy indoor environment by removing any, and all the contaminants that may live in structure and produce irritants that cab=n cause allergic reactions, respiratory distress, household odors and, of course, dirt and germs. It will take the most up-to-date and proven restoration methods that are designed to reproduce the original finish created by the factory.